hair cuts and bug bites

alex was feeling bad that everyone else's wives cut their husband's hair, so i gave it a shot. it turned out pretty well, if i may say so myself. though i do need something better than dull paper cutting scissors if i am going to keep doing this in the future.

 on labor day we went camping (again!), this time closer to home... along the c&o canal there are great little free camping sites. it was gorgeous. we ate banana boats and s'mores. listened to some great guitar (thanks to chad!), and had a great time. 

 pretty, right?

alex, me, lauren, tyler, chad, randi

 but i got a million bug bites. never again will i go camping without wearing pants. and sock and shoes.


jason and kate are great.

kate and jason came to visit. we walked SOOO much. being a tourist is exhausting. i couldn't keep up most of the time. here are some photos of their visit...
so proud of their sand castle. i'm just proud jason's shoulder's got some sun... 

rehoboth beach, delaware. jason: what did della wear? me: (silence) jason: she wore a new jersey!
(and thus our weekend of jason's jokes began)

white house

old post office building

views from the top of the bell tower of the old post office

EPA (i think) and national mall beyond

honest abe...

ford's theater

crime and punishment museum

bonnie and clyde's car w/ a million bullet holes

kate and alex shooting 'em up. jason took this shot. i was at the exit, sitting, waiting for them to finish. 
walked through the mall. it was SUCH nice weather.

eastern market

went to sunday service at the national cathedral

nighttime monument tour

MLK monument

breadline at FDR memorial
jefferson... my favorite.
how lucky are they, to have a personal photographer for all their tourist spots?
it was a great weekend. hope they'll come visit again sometime!


happy birthday weekend to alex...

for alex's birthday we headed over the bay bridge to the ocean!

we found a great camp spot.

hummus and crackers, while looking out at the ocean. starting off the weekend right.

sunrises instead of sunsets on the water. interesting being on the east coast. 

we literally  had the place to ourselves for a morning run on the beach.

after our run we played in the waves. whose towel is dried faster do you think?

it didn't take long to find the wild ponies!!!

they were all over! this is the "marsh" on assateague.

the "forest" on assateague

rehoboth beach... WAY more crowded than our previous beach. 
people for miles. 
after our day at the beach we took a quick cat nap in a park, then went to a Legwarmers concert.
Best 80's cover band ever!

presents for alex

he was really excited about new water bottles. thanks meg and clay!
also very excited about new sunglasses for cycling.  thanks kate and em!

birthday brownies

happy birthday my love.